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1890 Rebuild Details

This from the FR Company Archive:



REPAIR SCHEDULE – copied as appears in the ledger, line for line

New cylinders and lagging on same. New pistons
New chest covers, all new taps complete, new slide
Valves, new cylinder covers, old ones on slide bar end
Made up two new cross heads, old bars made up
New frames, new horn blocks, new axle boxes
New guards, four new bearing springs, new
Angle on frames bolted on with ¾ bolts
Old motion work thoroughly repaired, new bearings
For axle of motion shaft, side and connecting
Rods all truly made up and fitted with brasses
And each aligned with Magnolia metal

New steel boiler by Vulcan Ironworks
With Everetts red metal tubes, new fire door
New fire bar supports, new fire bars, two new clack
Boxes. New gauge taps, one new ¼ tap, one new
Injector tap Bell’s Patent, one new Gresham injector No. 5
One old injector put on with all
Connections. Safety valve mounting fitted on.
New brass funnel to carry steam out of cab
Boiler lagged with asbestos cement and covered
With sheet iron and bands.
New steam pipe put inside boiler
Old regulator box fitted on
New copper steam pipe to cylinders, new cast
Iron exhaust pipe.

New smoke box 2 inches longer
New smoke box door and fittings. New footplate
In front of engine. New footplate on hind part
Old chimney fitted on. New complete sanding
Apparatus fitted on. One new blow off ……….
….. bells and packed. All support and stiffening angles
To framing all new. Old carrier frame used

One old buffer beam used, new drawbars
Made at both ends. New hook and link on
Front end. Old spectacle eyes used up.
Old reversing rod and handle used up. New
Handles and rod made to Widmark front taps
On chest. A complete new water tank
3/16 thick having a removable dome cover.

New cab, new brake gear arrangement.
New brake rods and …….. New brake brackets
And hangers and blocks. New brass whistle mountings.
Two old whistles thoroughly repaired, new connection
Pipe and union to same. New steam gauge
Pipe, new blow pipe and tube past put through
Tank, new ¼ pipe to cylinders. Old wheels
Used with new steel tyres. All new
Crank pins. New windows on cab, old
Hand rail put on tank …..
Hundredweight of iron as …….
Balance weight put on front of footplate
And inside of tank.
Valves set, tank painted inside and engine painted all over.

Boiler Hydraulic Test: 180 psi
Steam Test: 160 psi
Finished 29th May 1891
N.B: October 2nd 1891, new tender No. 5 completed for Welsh Pony (Boston Lodge Repair Book)

Re-used items:

Inner cylinder covers
Slide bars
One injector
Regulator box
One buffer beam
Spectacle glass
Reverser and rod
Two whistles

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